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Q: How does your warranty work?
A: Within 6 months of receiving your inflatable play structure, should a manufacturer's defect be found, if you can not repair the items under our instruction, then You can get the item repaired by a local factory nearby and we refund you the repair fees and transport fees. From 6 months to the remainder of the warranty we pay for repair only.
Q. Can adults get into your inflatables?
A: Absolutely. Our moonwalks, combos, slides, and obstacles are built to withstand adult use. In fact, you might be surprised just how many adults use our inflatables!

Q: Where do you sell your products?
A: We sell them all over the world.

Q: Do you ship by Sea, Ground or Air?
A: We do it all. It just depends on your budget and which shipping option you would like to choose for yourself.

Q: Do you pay for the shipping or it is the customer who pays for the shipping?
A: It is the customer who pays for the shipping. The prices in our catalogue are only for our merchandise. We do, however, receive on average an 80% discount from the shipping companies we work with, which we pass on to our customers.

Q: Can we customize the units with our choice of colors?
A: Yes you can choose your colors at no additional cost.

Q: What will be the shipping cost?
A: Shipping is usually around $60-80 for a regular size bouncer to U.S.and EU major ports.
Q: How many people does it take to set-up and pick-up a regular size inflatable jumper?
A: One person can easily operate a regular 13'x13'(4mx4m) size bounce house.

Q: How long does the shipping take?
A: Usually 25-30 business days, but there are faster ways of receiving them for an additional cost.

Q: How long will it take to make any of these inflatables if they are not in stock.
A: The regular bounce houses usually take 3-4 days, combos take 3-4 days, and much larger items like water slides and inflatable obstacle courses can take anywhere from 3-6 days. Custom made orders take about 6-10 days, depending on the style, size and structure.

Q: How long will my inflatable unit last?
A: Our inflatable play structures are built to last a minimum 6-8 years.

Q: Where can I get my inflatable games repaired?
A: You can repair the simple defects easily with the repair kit we sent,we will pay the relative fees if the item has to be repaired by a local factory. 

Q: What happens if I want to purchase something that you do not have?
A: We accept all kinds of inflatable custom made orders.

Q: Are your inflatables single, double, triple or quadruple stitched?
A: We double stitch all non-stress areas and triple stitch the stress points i.e. entrance/exits and bounce floor areas. And for added strength and durability we use reinforcement strips, which you can see an example of if you request a sample to be mailed. The secret to a long lasting inflatable is actually the use of reinforcement stips, NOT how many times it's stitched. You might hear some companies brag about "quadruple stitching" but it's actually more harmful than helpful on an inflatable. The more a particular area is stiched, the more holes it has and the more holes it has, the more air/pressure escapes which makes for wearing/weakening on the vinyl around the puncture holes and poor inflation. This is why reinforcement strips are neccesary. Before stitching two peices of viinyl together, we glue a reinforcement strip to each piece, then we stitch. This way the thread goes through 4 pieces of 18.5 oz vinyl. The strips act as a seal for air and add much needed strength to the areas they are used on.

Q: What HP (Horse Power) blowers do you send with the inflatables?
A: For bounce houses we send a 1hp blower. For larger units like Combos, Slides and Interactives we send 2x1.5 hp blowers or 2x2hp blowers that depends.

Q: How is the height measured on your inflatables?
A: The height on our inflatables is always measured from the highest point to the ground.

Q: Will your inflatables stand up to constant everyday use in an FEC?
A: Yes