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Your Prior Choice For High Quality Inflatable Products
Justfun Inflatables specializes in the manufacture of OEM products.
Every customer has special&specific needs, and our staff we will help you define exactly what the needs are. We will not build an interpretation of our product, we will build your product. We will offer assistance in design as needed, if requested, but otherwise your exact product will be duplicated in every respect.
OEM contracts require a trip to our factory located in Zhengzhou for a face to face talk regarding to confidentials and product specifications. Product samples are also required for patterning, and will be returned.
We are your prior choice for high quality inflatable products of all types including digitally printed advertising inflatables and more.
Additionally, Our factory locates in middle china,we can ship goods to any port in china very fast cause we are near to every port like Shanghai,Qingdao,Tianjin,Ningbo,Guangzhou etc.

We Take Our Intellectual Property Rights Very Seriously
As a matter of policy and good business, Justfun Inflatables does not replicate other manufacturers proprietary products without written authorization from that manufacturer..
We fully respect the proprietary rights of other manufacturers. We understand, and appreciate, the processes and expenses involved in designing a new product and bringing that product to market.
Buyers should be aware that just because a manufacturer says they can copy something for you for less, does not mean that the product is free from claim. The recipient in many instances may be as liable as the manufacturer. Please be responsible in your purchase of inflatable products.

Need something designed and fabricated that doesn't exist?
At Justfun Inflatables we can make almost any type of inflatable to any budget.
The only limit is your imagination. With the help of our team of designers we will open your minds to the endless possibilities that can be achieved using our inflatable technology.