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We need 30% initial money to be sent as deposit to start order,balance before shipping after we send close-up pictures of all items to customers.
Customers have three(3) ways send money to sellers for orders:
1),wire transfer
This is also called T/T,customers need send money via banks to company or personal bank account,
this normally takes 3-5 up to 7 business days,some banks have prior options means sender pays a little more transfer fees for a faster transaction which will save 2-3days.
Banks normally charge 30-50usd for a 2000-5000usd amount transfer.
2),western union
Western union is very fast,beneficiary can get money in the account 20minutes later after customers finish the transfer,customers need to know beneficiary's name,city,country and address,beneficiary needs to know mtcn(money transfer collect number) and customer's full name and address information and exact money amount that they sent.a 1000-2000usd transaction costs 40-50usd,3000-5000usd transaction costs 50-80usd or around.
pls note:customers need write beneficiary's name exactly right,right spelling,right writing and right order,some customers often wrote beneficiary's family name to given name,given name to family name thus beneficiary will not be qualified to take out money.
Paypal is very popular in U.S and EUROPE,many customers insist on using this cause they think it is safe,yes paypal is safer than the other 2 ways(wire transfer and western union) but paypal charges extremely high ,they charges 45-50usd for a 1000usd transfer and beneficiary has to be charged 35usd per transaction if he needs take money out,that is 80-85usd totally in two(2) sides,if customers send 3000usd well the final charges on both sides would be 150usd or around,this is too much.
Buyer and seller needs share the transfer fees,normally beneficiary needs 4-5days take money to his bank account from paypal,so this kind of transfer takes 4-5days averagely similar as wire transfer but this costs much much more money than wire transfer does.

Customers can choose which way to use vary to their specific needs.we can accept all these 3ways.