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As a customer,you need consider these several things when you want buy something from China.
1.You need find a reliable supplier who has good personalities(sincere in business and efficient in work) and alibity to offer you good quality items at good price.but how can you know if this supplier is "your supplier" or not,check this:
a),are they sincere enough?
b),are they professional?
c),are they efficient?
d),are they patient?
e),their price competitive?

2.You need confirm every details with suppliers carefully to avoid any mistakes on misunderstandings or misleads,suppliers have the responsibility to tell you what material they would use,what kind of thread they would see,what baffle,what stitches,what material cutting,what kind of artwork printings,what reinforcement,what netting,when they can finish the order,how they would arrange the shipment and more.
Before you finalize the order please review the merchandise pictures to check if all the pictures are clear or not,if you have any doubts or unknowing issues(e.g. you can not see inside structures clearly from the pictures suppliers offered),do not hesitate to ask suppliers make some 3D drawings or plain drawings to ensure what suppliers are gonna be making is exactly what you need.
3.Whenever you estimate the goods arrival date for your events arrangements,pls note there are some other issues which may take a long time too except of producing time, just like:China domestic transport,China port issues (load,unload,custom applyings,many forms),vessel bookings,sometimes vessels can be put off due to bad weathers whatsoever you need have some "backup" days when you arrange the events.
4.You need spend some other money except of goods purchasing,here are some normal fees you need pay for an import:
merchandise costs
b),transfer fees (everybody knows this maybe)
c),shipping fees (sea or air delivery)
d),custom clearance
e),if you need get a broker,then agent fees
g),transport fees from destination port to your warehouse
5.Do not place orders in a rush.
Some customers even do not know the estimated total amount they would spend on purchasing,or they have not yet made a decision the patterns,designs,quantities etc,they found they had to change many things after they placed the order,this can cost much.
Some customers want cancel the order in a very short time after they placed the order but the problem is suppliers will not refund the deposit money cause they may have started the producing,they have to withhold the initial money to make up the loss.