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Inflatable products manufactured by Justfun inflatables carry a Two (2) Year Seam to Seam Warranty from the date of shipment to Buyer. All water products, games, and products used in indoor and outdoor amusement facilities carry a One (1) Year Limited Seam to Seam Warranty from the date of shipment to Buyer. The Limited Seam to Seam Warranty covers separations in the seams of the inflatable that are not caused by normal wear or intentional damage by users. Seams are either double or quadruple stitched, therefore, a seam separation is defined by all of the stitches failing, thus causing the seam to completley come apart. Our products are warrantied to the buyer only and are not transferrable.

Justfun inflatables warrants that the inflatable supplied to you is free from:

A) Defects in the materials and the workmanship that is provided you in your cold-air inflatable.

B) Defects arising from the selection of materials or the process of manufacturing.

C) Defects in the design, in view of the state of the art on this date (artistic license excluded).

D) The Limited Seam to Seam Warranty does not cover Zippers, Nettings, Meshes, Sprinkler Systems, Velcro and Velcro Related Pieces, Basketball Hoops, Pop-up Obstacles, Pool Liners, Climbers and Slide Covers. No warranty of anykind is provided on these aforementioned items. No warranty is provided on modifications requested by the buyer that is not part of the original design of the product. We are not responsible if the requested modifications affects the performance of the inflatable at any time, nor does the warranty cover these affects. Accessory items that are manufactured by us carry a 90 day warranty against defects in workmanship. Accessories that are not manufactured by us can only be warrantied by the original manufacturer. Entrance Covers and Mats also come with a 90 Day warranty. We reserve the right not to warranty any cosmetic condition that occurs on the vinyl or any part of the inflatable that does not, or will not, effect user performance or the structural intergrity of the inflatable.

E) Using inflatables contrary to intended design will void the warranty. This includes, but is not limited to, exceeding occupancy specifications, using units without climbers, liners and slide covers, jumping on the slide area, using dry units with water, attaching devices to units, modifying units in any way after delivery, etc.

improper handling or storage, improper repairs, improper maintenance and care, lack of ground cover under inflatable, or accidental, abusive or negligent treatment of the product will invalidate the warranty. Misuse includes, but is not limited to, too many users, exceeding weight limitations, ignoring safety guidelines, damage made from shoes, belts, jewelry or any object worn by a user. Buyer must use stakes and all tie-down tethers at all times to insure the safety of users and the equipment.

NOTE: WEAR AND TEAR due to normal use or overuse is not covered by this warranty.