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Justfun Inflatables have been manufacturing inflatables in this filed for well over 13 years. The knowledge and experience we have gained from our time spent in this ever growing industry has given us the skill to create almost anything that inflates and still meet any safety standard imposed by any region.

We use only 18 oz commercial grade vinyl of the most outstanding quality and heavy-duty nylon threads that are double and triple stiched which is why we offer a 2 year seam to seam warranty! We are also one of the only companies to take the added step of incorporating seam sealant tape on some of our units that are made for constant contact with water. This tape is a 22oz strip of clear vinyl that is heat sealed over the seams to prevent water damage to the threads as well as water leaking into the unit, making it heavier and harder to roll up.

Here, on our website, we demonstrate a fiew dozen styles of inflatable bouncers and inflatable slides, in addition to innovative obstacles, combos and tents so you are sure to find something to meet your needs. And even if you don't, we specialize in custom design and we love taking custom orders! Imagine being able to have an inflatable that no other rental company has... It certainly eliminates alot of the competition! That's what makes us Unique: The fact that we constantly strive to help our clients stand apart in a world of copy cats. Contact us today and let us assist you in giving your clients a truly one of a kind experience that will keep the coming back for more, by giving the same to you...


At Justfun Inflatables we strongly believe:

  1. Our products are of top quality and with 2years warranty.
  2. Our prices is as low as they possibly can so that we grow your business.
  3. Our customers will be 100% satisfied and happy, so we can grow our business too.

We really appreciate your business and try to grow it as much as we can by providing you best possible deals and as much marketing tools as we can (such as logo banners on inflatables, rental package guide and more).